School/ College Management System

CampusFlo is a Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning System for Educational Institutions with Unbeatable Features.

Human Resource Management System

HRM & Payroll solution for Small and Medium Enterprises worldwide. It provides many features like Employee Information, Leave, Travel, Benefits, Expense Management etc.

Point of Sale (EPOS All in One)

Its All in One POS application that will automate your any kind of Retail business i.e Beaker Management, Medicine Management, Super Stores, Cloths Manager, Garnets, Coffee Shop, Mobile & Computer Business and many more..

Pharmacy Management ERP and POS

Web based Pharmacy POS system that makes your retail business easy. It is a ready to use software for self service format of retails like super market, hyper mart, provision stores and department stores and other retail segments.

Restaurant Management & Point of Sale

A comprehensive Web Based Restaurant Management software with Point of Sale, Table Booking, Room Selection, Waiter Selection and Inventory Management.

Restaurant Management & Point of Sale

A comprehensive Web Based Restaurant Management software with Point of Sale and Table Booking Modules and to manage multiple locations and stores.

Point of Sale

vPOS is a Cloud based Point of Sale Software System with Powerful add-ons. Try our Online Cash Register Software Free. No Credit Card required.

Hotel Reservation & Property Management (PMS)

Advance Hotel Property Managemnet System with Front Desk, Point of Sale, Travel Desk, HRM, CRM, Guest Management, Channel Management, Room, Multi Property, House keeping and much more...

Finance, Credit & Loan Management System

FinancerPro is a system provides way you to keep your Bank member data, finance management and loan management in a systematic way in digital form which can easily accessible due to centralized database.

School Management System (PHP Solution)

VISION School Management System is a complete PHP Based Solution for small scale educational institutes including SMS Integration,

Examination System (PHP Solution)

Cloud Exam is a complete PHP Based Examination Management Solution for small scale educational institutes with Admin / Student / Exam Center Logins.

Accounting & Invoicing Software

Accounting & Invoicing Software is basically a PHP based Accounting with specific features of Chart of Accounts, Inventory Management, Invoicing & Billing, Payment records, Stock Management & much more.

Invoicing System (PHP Based Solution)

Invoicing Application is basically a PHP based invoicing solution with basic payment gateways integration. A simple and easy to usable solution to invoice your clients/ customers (PSD & HTML Invoice Generation) and much mre.

Employees Time Ledger (Time Tracking)

Employees Time Ledger is a good application to track employees clock in and clock out from work place. it includes User Management, Task Management, Messaging System, Scheduling, Time Cards, Site Notes, Documents, Reports, Check in, Checkouts etc.

Hotel Management ERP & POS

Hotel management ERP is a powerful hotel management and online booking or reservation site script. This application is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday flats or guesthouse.

Project Invoicing CRM & Lead Management

VISION CRM is a huge application with lead Management, Project Management, Invoicing Management, Multiple Payment Gateways, Multi-Language, Multi Users, Client Login, User/ Staff Login, News Letter, Quotation & Lead, Online Tickets System and many other features.

Dental Hospital Management System

A complete application to automate Dental Hospital including Patient Management, Nurses, Doctors Appointments, Diagnostic Center, Hospital Accounting, Appointment Booking, Medical History with Images, Financial Reporting, Invoicing and much more..

Bulk SMS Sender & Contact Management

Bulk SMS Sender Application have capability to send Branded SMS to the customers in Bulk. It also has complete contact management, SMS history, Transactions, Vouchers, Admin Area, Individual Pricing and much more.

Enterprise Resource Planning (Manufacturing & Distribution)

This ERP is a huge application specifically built for Manufacturing & Distribution Setup with all the required modules to automate them electronically. It has advance set of modules..

School/ College Management Offline System

CampusFlo is a Comprehensive Desktop Based School / College & University Management System for Educational Institutions with amazing Features.

Medical Labartory Management Software

Medical Lab Management is a complete and amazing Medical Tests Management Application, with Invoices, Medical Tests, Patients and Sales Management Software.

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management ERP supports multiple branch or companies. Management can access information about a specific branch of the companies in one click. Manage Products group registration, products and multiple products registration.

Restaurant Management System & POS

RIMS (Restaurant information Management System) is for Restaurants and all Food Service Specialties. RIMS Hospitality Suite is an integrated solution that fits into any Delivery, Dine-In, Fine Dine-In, QSR, Casual Dine-In & Retail segments of the business.

Aluminium Work Shop Application

Aluminium Work Shop Application is a complete ERP to Automate Aluminium & Glass Business. This ERP is full of Mathematical formulas being used in Aluminium & Glass Industries and is an exclusive Application.

Tax Payers & Notices Management System

Tax Payers & Notices Management Applications provide features to tax department officers to automate their routine work, and manage their daily tasks efficiently. It also has a reminder tool to keep alerts about upcoming tasks.

Hospital / Clinic Management ERP

Hospital Management ERP is a huge application to automate Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Matters, Pharmacies, OP, Billing, Registers and all other services.

Cargo / Courier Service Management

Its a complete Courier Service Software to automate their system, Delivery, Shipping, Billing and many other features.

Retail Shop Management Software

Shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load of shop professionals. The main feature includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management.

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Our Cloud & Desktop Business Solutions

The right ERP Solution For Small Business will help your business ease to access and perform operations. Our ERP Solutions provide broader functionality with zero cost of extra upholding, technical staff. Affordable Price & delivered in an accomplish mode that reduce complexity. We provide a wide-ranging cloud ERP solutions urbanized exclusively for small, medium and large scale businesses.
School / College Management Offline Solution
School Management System
School Management System
Human Resource Management System (HRMS) & Payroll
Easy Invoice Management System
Invoicing & Accounting Software (Cloud Based ERP)
Bulk SMS Software
ELOERP - Complete Financial Accounting Software
Cloud Based Financial Accounting ERP
Restaurant Information Management System & POS
Advance Hospital / Clinic Management System
Vision CRM - Customer Relation Management System
Cargo Management System
Pharmacy Management System & Point of Sale
Web Based Point of Sale (POS)
Cloud Based Hospital Management System ASP.NET
Cloud Based Pharmacy Management System ASP.NET

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We are specialize in development of professional, user and search-engine-friendly websites that your customers will be able to find and appreciate. We provide number one software and cloud bases business solutions which will boost your business.

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