Our Vision

First Step Action has envisioned and aims to create a hopeful and bright future for the Somali community. All of our projects and events are designed to impact and improve the lives of those who need it most. First step Action wishes to empower Somali women and inspire the Somali youth. Our plan for the next few years is to provide those services that aren’t available to the Somali community. For instance , we have a new employment project which would provide training and career development to combat the high unemployment amongst the Somali community.
Another upcoming project is our mental health project which is includes group therapy and specialist support and advice. This project will allow the Somali community to receive much needed help regrading mental health. It will also help raise awareness about mental health and First Step Action will work to eradicate the cultural stigma. First Step Action is confident with all the community support we will surely achieve all goals and complete all the project to benefit the Somali community.

What Do We Do?

First Step Action is a vital and active part of the community and we have grown deep roots within Camden, but we are constantly listening to the wants and needs of those most vulnerable. Most of our events, services, and projects are the result of an honest and natural conversation with our community. We at First step Action try our best to communicate effectively with our user group to identify possible issues and the appropriate solutions. We also use a range of methods to ask the Somali community what their wants and needs are so that we can tailor our services. Through the use of social media, we can communicate directly and reach a large number of people to provide a range of opinions. We also have an open discussion about how we can improve the services we provide. A lot of concerns were raised by Somali parents regarding behavioural issues amongst their children.
Recent studies have shown that behavioural issues such as truancy have resulted in the low levels of educational achievement amongst Somali children. Complex identity issues can be the cause of these behavioural problems. Often amongst Somali children, we can see a lack of belonging to either British or Somali culture. To combat this problem, we designed a parenting course which discussed different disciplinary techniques and a reward system to encourage good behaviour both at school and at home. This intensive course allows Somali parents to grow and develop healthy and meaningful relationships.
This strengthens family dynamics and creates stable homes to give their children the best start in life. Our parental course also combats intergenerational conflict due to cultural differences between Somali parents and children born in the UK. This clash between generations often creates a rift within family dynamics which we try and repair through fun family-friendly activities.

Our Values

First Step Action will always keep in mind our values and principals. Our core values include integrity, community and respect. All of which play a crucial part in everything that we do. First Step Action is determined to preserve the dignity and integrity if our users constantly making sure their wants and needs are met. We also work hard to emphasise the importance of community. Partly because First Step Action would not be here today without the support of the local community. Friends and family coming together to better their circumstances that is everything First Step Action stands for. Last but not least respect is integral part of First Step Action. We constantly make an effort to respect both service users as well as the staff that work tirelessly to help others. First Step Action is a community based charitable organisation that is always here to help no matter what.

Our Purpose

The only purpose of First Step Action as a charitable organisation is to help better the general wellbeing of the Somali community in Camden. However, we have many aims for the future to expand our impact and reach within the community to create a long-lasting impact in Camden. First Step Action will always act an integral part of the community, constantly listening to the needs and wants of the people and acting rapidly to treat and tackle societal issues and problems that may arise. First Step Action will always work to continue making Camden a hub known for inspiring creativity and innovation.