Who Are We?

Sadia Farah

Sadia Farah graduated with a BA honours in Early childhood education. She also spent 13 years working as a Bilingual family support worker and she noticed a bridge between the cultures of parenting. She also saw a lack of services available to the Somali community. So, she made it her mission to create those services. Sadia Farah created First Step Action to service the Somali community by providing opportunities to learn, grow and flourish. Services like First Step Action are vital because they create a space for improvement and innovation within the Somali community.
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Our Goals

First Step Action has many goals and aspirations to help those most in need. Our aims include helping relieve poverty, sickness and distress within the Somali community through the provision of advice and advocacy services. First Step Action is also trying to advance education as well as providing recreational and leisure time to help benefit mental health. First Step Action has made a commitment to improve the quality of life of the Somali community.

Our History

First Step Action was launched in 2017. Since then First Step Action has managed to organise a number of community events and projects. First Step action has become a vital and active part of the community and we have grown deep roots within the Camden and Islington area.

Our Mission

First Step Action has made its mission to provide mainstream services that aren’t available to the Somali community. We work tirelessly to listen to the wants and needs of the Somali community and First Step Action responds by acting accordingly.

Our Team

First Step Action has an amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers work to provide advice and advocacy service to help advance the wellbeing of the Somali community. We have a diverse and experienced team of workers who are willing to help those most in need.

Our Projects

COVID 19 Emergency Food Response Project

The COVID 19 Lockdown caused a wave of social issues including food insecurity. First Step Action responded with a food voucher scheme that helped feed those most vulnerable within the Somali community. This project allowed us to combat food insecurity whilst also support small local business

Strengthening Family & Community Parenting Course

To combat generational conflict within the Somali community and to better family dynamic we create a tailor-made parental course. This Parental course encourages and promotes healthy child development. Our goal is to improve the general wellbeing of the Somali community.

Leisure Activities Project

First step Action work hard to create a relaxing and safe environment for children’s leisure for those whose Somali parents can’t afford it. Our annual outdoor picnic also allows Somali parents crucial time to bond with their children which helps healthy childhood development. This also where Somali women can discuss their wants and needs. We listen and make them happen.

Refugee Week

Our annual refugee week event allows us to celebrate the incredible of achievements of the Somali community despite challenges. This year the wonderful , Rakhia Ismail, the first Somali Deputy mayor, came to our event to speak about the achievements of Somali women.

Beach Day

Many of the Somali parents requested a beach day. This trip involved 53 members of the Somali community going to Margate beach. This event was a complete success and allowed for leisure time which encouraged the healthy wellbeing within the Somali community.

Our Food Donation Project

To help those most vulnerable during this difficult time First Step Action have created a food voucher scheme. First Step Action provided over 100 families with £30 vouchers to combat food insecurity. This was many of the projects enacted by First Step Action to combat the rising food insecurity problem created and worsened by the COVID 19 lockdown.

Who Are We?

First Step Action is a charitable organisation that works to help disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society. Our work focuses heavily on the Somali community and we are dedicated to the improvement and betterment of the Somali community based in the Camden and Islington area. First Step Action acts as a safe haven which provides opportunities for the Somali community to learn, grow and flourish.

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