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Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE)

Virgin Coconut (lil (VCO)

Produced through advanced proprietary Microaerophi lie fermentation process

Produced from normal cold-pressed technique

High in fatty, la uric acid and naturally occurring bioactivities. Bio-lipopeptide

One of the few known natural sources of I auric acid and saturated fats

Contains Bio-lipopeptide: remarkable molecule with therapeutic effect

No Bio-lipopeptide

Contains high level of la uric acid

Contains low level of lauricacid

Packed with higher antioxidant and goodness of organic acid

Neutrax Original's 5As


Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, and curbs infections


Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, and curbs infections


Reduce and manage gout. arthritis, rheumatism, and flbromyalgia

Active Lipid

Reduces bad cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease. and boosts metabolism

Active Immunity

Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, and curbs infections

How It Works?

Neutrax cleanses your systen by eliminating toxin and pathogens. Healing crisis happens when the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough. Detox symptoms may include nausea, dizziness, vomiting or frequent bowel movement.
Once cleansed, Bio-Upopeptide works by scanning the body for nutritional deficiencies or non-optimal cells, restoring your body to the way that it is meant to be.
From here on, Neutrac balances your body condition to ensure that your body functions healthily to its optimum level.

Neutrax Therapy Oil’s 5As

Active Protect

Protects skin against pollutions and environmental stress

Active Control

Regulates and corrects sebum production – controls acne, eczema, pigmented and irritated skin

Active Nutrition

Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dermis for healthy and glowing skin

Active Healing

Promotes healing from burns and scars, cell renewal and restoration


Reverses the aging process via induced cell regeneration