Pharmacy Management System Software

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Pharmacy management system is the complete software used to manage all the features and functionalities of a pharmacy management system. Our pharmacy management system software contains all the modules which are mostly expected and available in foreign pharmacy company.If you’re wandering here and there to get a complete pharmacy management system software then you’re on right place because only I.T Vision is the software and web solution.
Confused? Don’t worry we’re here to provide you all the features which would be beneficial for your pharmacy company.

Features of Pharmacy Management Application

Here are some features of Our Pharmacy Management System.


User will be able to see dynamic dashboard and Menu bar upon signing in in the System. Essentials Summary of record shown here in dashboard of pharmacy management system application to get overview of whole process. Report against each data is also available in report section as well as clicking this report link. If there will be no data to show pharmacy management application will redirect to current dashboard page

User Profile

This is the list of the users which can use pharmacy management application.

Manage Users & Items

Company Profile

You can create hospital information or pharmacy company profile from here. As you can see in above preview

Products & Setups


Create New User

You can create a new user from here. Creating new user and assigning a new role action can only be done from here.

Sales, Purchases & Reports

Medicines & Sales

Stock Shortage: Stock Shortage w.r.t to product Re-Order

Expired Products: Number Of Expired Products


Prefix/Postfix Settings

This Setting will be appear against respective setups in purchase Code Section Along with Maximum ID of That Setup. You can change current settings and create new against many voucher type.


Items in pharmacy management system software are basically the products and you can only see the items after adding your desired products.


Dosage is the frequency or size of the medicine. You can multiple dosage from here because every medicine or pill has it’s own dosage.

Generic Name

Generic name is the name which has different terminology but specially it is used for name of chemical drug.

Pack Type

Pack type is the wrapping type. The types of medicine packets can be added from here because different medicines have their own packet types.

Rack Locations

Rack location is the location of shelve where the medicine is located. If you’ve seen there are multiple shelves in the hospital pharmacy department and each medicine is located according to their type, medicine categories or sorted by name.

Medicine Categories

Each medicine has it’s own category so medicine categories can be added from here.


All the setups can be created from here, You can setup all the customers, suppliers and manufacturers from here with their detailed profile.


Customer created in this setup will be shown in all sales setups e.g sale quotation, order, invoice, return.


Supplier created in this setup will be shown in all Purchase setups e.g purchase quotation, order, invoice, return.


Manufacturer created in this setup will be shown in all detail table rows w.r.t to selection in medicine creation .


All the products of your pharmacy will be shown here in the application.

Product Creation

All the products can be created from here. You can add multiple products from here with their detail.


You’ll find all the modules related purchase here, All the purchases will be shown here in this feature.

Purchase Order

You can create purchase order from purchase quotation also. List of all the purchase quotation will be shown here in dropdown

Purchase Invoice

You can create purchase invoice from either purchase quotation or purchase order also.