Pharmacy Point of Sale Solution



Pharmacy point of sale solution is the EloERP desktop software, which is developed by IT Vision. If you are running a Pharmacy and you don’t have any management system then only EloERP can assist you because it is best point of sale software for Pharmacy.
There are many thing which should be managed efficiently and perfectly but there should be a digital system to manage that. In store or business some operations should be fast and that can only possible if you are running a point of sale software.
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EloERP point of sale software helps you to manage your sales history. It stops you and your business from financial loss. It manages all the payment history of your customers. EloERP is offering a Pharmacy point of sale solution including terrific features and awesome functionalities. If you’re running a Pharmacy but you don’t have Pharmacy management system solution software than EloERP is the best choice for you.

Features of Pharmacy Point of Sale Software

There are some functions of Pharmacy point of sale solution which would be beneficial for you to manage your Pharmacy with ease.Advance Touch Screen Pharmacy Point of Sale:
EloERP Touch Screen Pharmacy Point of Sale have been designed specially for the Touch Screen Lovers, who don’t want to use keyboard or any other devices. Touch Screen Pharmacy POS also supports barcode scanning and multiple UOM, Hold/ Unhold the Sale, Professional Cart, Split Bill in multiple Payment Gateways which make it super unique in Point of Sale Software Industry.

Keypunching Screen or Barcode Scanner

EloERP Pharmacy POS sale process is super fast. It’s sale screen has been designed taking in view of the highly rushed retail stores, and the wholesalers who don’t use the software due to lake of time required in their sale process. EloERP Point of Sale will boost and automate their sale process from minutes to seconds.

Key Features

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