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Do you have in your possession a painting and wish to know its value? Our experts will provide you with a free estimation of your painting’s value based upon the current market and will aid you in selling your painting at the best possible price. Paintings carry a strong symbolic value. Realistic or abstract, all techniques convey a unique and totally subjective emotion that makes each work of art special in its own way.


Do you own any watercolour? Are you curious to know what they are worth? Our Experts can provide a free appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell.




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Online Art Valuation and Art Appraisal for painting pictures and prints

valueyourart – specialists in art valuation and art appraisal – for fast, professional, impartial, online valuation and appraisal of paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints. Use our online art valuation service to find out how much your pictures are worth, or to check values of pictures before buying or selling at auction. Simply upload some digital images of your picture, tell us what you know about the artwork, and you’ll soon be receiving a valuation from our fine art experts. Valueyourart is UK-based and backed by art market professionals of many years’ standing. We do not buy items offered for valuation, nor do we offer to sell or arrange the sale of your items, as this would seriously compromise our valuation independence and objectivity. All art valuations are covered by our Money Back Guarantee: if for any reason we cannot provide a valuation of the picture, you will receive a full refund and any advice we give you about your art will be absolutely free. Want to find out how our art valuation process works and how to upload your photos? Click here for our art valuation help pages. Not sure about what type of picture you have got? Our website includes helpful information about identifying your art. Having trouble getting a good photo of your art? Have a look at our tips for photographing art.

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