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I am proudly acclaimed that we have achieved our targeted growth results in resent past years. It could not be possible without un-tired efforts of the management and entire team Yellow Tag Group. Our Group has a clear strategic direction. We will continue to build up our regional and international market position and strong presence as leading global brand in shipping and logistic service industry. In last three years, we have strengthened our market presence, increase turnover and improve our capital position and having aligned the Group’s structure with its high–quality portfolio, we will now continue on the path of quality services and the create new business opportunities around the world.
The last three years were very important for Yellow Tag Group, as we began to implement our restructure/ rebuilding plan of the group. This plan was based on a comprehensive review of our strengths and weaknesses. Our essential goal was not only to improve and enhance our services quality but also incorporate new business line in the group.
The momentum for our future progress comes from our strategy, which is designed to leverage our global capacity and from our renewed performance culture, which strive for excellence in all activities.
What we set to do In January 2004, we have achieved and continue to strengthen group financial position and its business operation around the glob. By the grace of all mighty Allah we have achieved what we set. The progress is based on four broad pillars.
First. To develop and implement the culture of professionalism and measures to improve quality of our services all the sectors where we deal in.
Second., To strengthen operational and financial discipline within the Group by enhancing processes of internal control system and quality checks in all its departments.
Third. To refocus on its core activities like local and international logistic ,cargo and courier services, We have also developed well organized local delivery business with coordination of online business portals.
Fourth. To implement a comprehensive programme to increase our working capital capacity and strengthen our balance sheet.
While the first pillar of this action plan was aimed at quickly generating tangible results, the other three pillars were designed to enhance the long-term stability and earning profile of our Group

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Yellow Tag Logistic LLC., was founded by Mr. Azhar Amin Chauhan in 2004 with the aim of supporting industry with specialized sea, air and land logistics services. Yellow Tag Logistic LLC and Its subsidiaries (Collectively the “ Yellow Tag Group”) are Logistic, Cargo, courier, Freight forwarding, Shipping & custom clearing agents services provider-based company with an international network that focus on chosen potential markets. Our key markets are GCC, MENA, East African Countries and South Africa.

Group Business lines

Yellow Tag Group core business line are Sea , Air and land logistic and cargo, Freight & Forwarding , Shipping agent , and custom clearance services. Trading, Import & Export, online trade of cosmetics and beauty products, Electronics & Auto spars parts.

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The regional business activities are controlled and managed by Resident Directors or Country managers. Every company in the Group prepared its quarterly accounts along with its target achievement reports and sent those to the head office for the management review .The Group management review their business performances in reference to their targets and achievements.
The Group management take effective measures to enhance the performance of the each company and take prompt decision to remove the weakness in system and given strict instruction with directions for the implementation of internal control system.


Yellow Tag Group has a mission statement that WE SEE EVERY CHALLENGE AS AN OPPERTUNITY and respond to all challenges positively. We are very keen to explore new business opportunity and take on board new business partners around the globe.
We at Yellow Tag transformed ourselves to keep pace with our growing global operations in Africa, subcontinent and Far East. The rapid change in the world economy and escalating competition from well-established rivals demand that we always stay well focussed.
The digital age has brought revolutionary opportunities and changes to global business. The Yellow Tag group has responded to these changes and is currently upgrading its business structure, management perspective, and corporate culture to meet global standards.
Always a step ahead, we are making advances in R & D of our overall services. An example of this is quality of our service which we provided our customers and remain successful of their retention.
We are also actively promoting our partners brands value, a key engine of business growth. Yellow Tag group’s brands partners value increased significantly in the past year and was recognised by our customers as the leading and growing GCC brands.
Our success is achieved through continuously improving in group working structure and to maintain profitability, as we have and continuously do examine the structure of our own organization.
The pace of our development is reflected in our management philosophy “we will devote our resources to create superior services thereby contributing to better service experience with our group”. Yellow Tag has started its management programme aimed to stay ahead of to economic growth and digital changes now engulfing the world especially the GCC. We expect to be the part of transformation of.
The management of the Group is consistently devoting its time and efforts in Research & Development to bring improvement in its existing products line and to introduce new and diversified products in future. Accordingly Market, Research and Development Department has been set up to implement modern trends in designs of future services & products.



Whether it’s direct or consolidated shipments, small packages or large cargo including dangerous goods, Yellow Tag Cargo team can handle your airfreight needs. Our trained airfreight specialists can service your time-sensitive shipments to and from any place in the world.
Yellow Tag Cargo’s worldwide network of offices and dependable partners can guarantee delivery of any shipment, anywhere on the globe. Upon booking, your cargo is input into our bespoke IT and cargo tracking system which will provide visibility, every step of the way.
Yellow Tag Cargo has the local know-how and global resources to provide full clearing and forwarding services for shipments to destinations worldwide, as well as efficient final delivery to destination.


The UAE is one of the most important transshipment hubs in the world. Yellow Tag Cargo has an excellent network to all the GCC countries by air, road and sea. Yellow Tag Cargo provides transshipment services for cargo destined to the Indian Subcontinent, CIS, Red Sea Ports and Africa via UAE, which has become a major sea – air hub for the region.



Whether you have full container loads, dangerous goods, LCL or large over dimensional project cargo, Yellow Tag Cargo can arrange for transportation to and from any destination in the world as an a licensed forwarder.
With our own consolidation services, you can rely on timely and efficient service. Our experienced staff offer a full range of documentation including letters of credits, banking, insurance and consular legalization among others to assist with your export. When importing, our staff will assist with current UAE Customs regulations for best possible clearance and delivery.
Through the use of our integrated track and trace system, Yellow Tag Cargo will follow up on the delivery of your orders, wherever your source in the world. With our network of offices and qualified partners around the world, we can handle all of your transportation needs.



The Yellow Tag Logistic Project Division can manage your entire project – from the initial consultations during the budgeting phase right down to the final on-site assembly operation. Having delivered various prestigious projects in challenging areas, the Yellow Tag Project Division is experienced in every aspect of project freight management. Whatever the nature, scale or location of your project, talk to us about how we can take care of the logistics for you.




Yellow Tag Logistic LLC offers a diverse range of transportation services from project cargo to international and domestic retail distribution with delivery. Our extensive network of operators allows us to connect even the most complex terrain through land transportation. Yellow Tag Cargo provides a specialist road transportation service across all the GCC countries and to Iraq.



Yellow Tag Logistic LLC provides dedicated Customs Brokerage services. This includes Eclearances performed by trained professionals, valuation, verification and classification services. Our centre for documentation excellence in Jebel Ali ensures an efficient customs clearance process with a dedicated team of experienced professionals working together to prevent any delays to your schedule.



We aim to provide the best service as well as becoming a reliable and consistent partner of choice for cargo owners, vessel owners and operators.



Yellow Tag Cargo Services LLC provides safe and efficient lashing and packing services. We secure your cargo pre-transportation in the safest way possible to avoid accidents or damage to the goods. Lashing is the securing of cargo for transportation with the goal of minimizing shifting. Items used for lashing include ropes, cables, wires, chains, strapping, and nets. These items are anchored to the container and tensioned against the cargo.